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These are a selection of Anne Lear's watermedia and oil paintings.

Barker Dam gouche painting Barker Dam watercolor painting  
Barker Dam - Gouche Barker Dam 2 - Watercolor  
My Favorite Things oil painting Indian Cove Critters acrylic painting
My Favorite Things - Oil Indian Cove Critters - Acrylic  
Already Taken watercolor painting Quail Family oil painting  
Already Taken - Watercolor Quail Family - Oil  
Quail Family watercolor painting    
Quail Family - Watercolor  

Mojave Desert Mountains watercolor painting

Purple Desert gouache painting  
Mojave Desert Mountains - Watercolor Purple Desert - Gouache  
Mojave Desert Yucca oil painting Roadrunners watercolor painting  
Mojave Desert Yucca - Oil Roadrunners - Watercolor  
Quail and Cactus watercolor Rabbit and Tortoise with Watermelon watercolor painting  
Quail and Cactus - Watercolor Rabbit and Tortoise with Watermelon - Watercolor  
Yellow Wheel oil painting Ground Squirrel and Quail with Mailbox watercolor  
Yellow Wheel - Oil Ground Squirrel and Quail with Mailbox - Watercolor  
Walkabout watercolor painting Friends watercolor painting  
Walkabout - Watercolor Friends - Watercolor  
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